Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Children and Technology

In this day and age technology is everywhere and children are starting to use technology from a very young age. Toddlers are using Ipads and computers to play games, draw, and talk to grandma. Some are wondering, is it too early for children to use Ipads and computers at such a young age? Is it appropriate?

It depends on the reasons behind it. If teachers and parents are using technology as a replacement for interaction then yes it is inappropriate. But if they are using it as a learning tool, then it may be okay. While computers and Ipads don't take the place of the teacher or hands-on learning it is an alternative to conventional methods of teaching. There are so many applications and programs for children that are age appropriate and geared toward learning that children and teachers can use in the classroom and parents can use at home. There are programs for letter recognition, letter sounds, colors, numbers, math, science, social studies, art, etc. The uses of technology are endless.

There has to be a balance. Children learn so much through play with their peers and their environment. Children can also learn a lot through technology. Teachers and parents have to find that balance between the two. Technology can be use to extend a child's learning experience or to present material in a new way. Children also need to get out there and get their hands dirty and learn through doing.

So parents and teachers get out there and find that happy medium and learn with your kids!


  1. Balance is key. That word within your post really stuck out to me. Like most things, if you have a balance, then it is okay. This empathetic post mentions both sides of the spectrum and acknowledges the pros and cons to technology in the classroom. True, if technology is used as a replacement for interaction then it is inappropriate, but there are also so many beneficial and appropriate approaches to take as well!

  2. The first picture you have is so funny, and so true! There are so many parents that have their young children on facebook and the children cannot communicate. I agree that this article was very eye opening to the technological generation that is going to be in our classrooms.

  3. One of the good points I got from your post is to use what you have. If you have technology that has certain characteristics that are useful, then there are few reason not to take advantage of them. One of the reasons why people even in their early twenties are surprised at how much young children are using technology is because we can still recall a time when we did not have anything close to the tools that surround the children now. This type of technology has been around as long as some of the children has and that is what they are use to it. So embracing the benefits of it is definitely something that teachers should consider.

  4. I think we have to acknowledge that part of them because whether we like it or not, children are going to be coming into our classroom with extensive knowledge on technology. To ignore that fact would be devaluing their ways of doing things and preparing them for an uncertain future where mastery of technology is becoming a requirement to succeed in the world.